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Sustainability Protective Packaging Q&A

  •   We ship shelf-stable gourmet foods direct to consumers. How can we show them our commitment to environmentally friendly shipping materials without compromising our quality image?

    Answered August 7th, 2012 by Expert: Dr. Ronald Cotterman

    One way to show consumers your commitment to sustainability is to help shift the mindset from one focused solely on the materials used in packaging to a “product life cycle” approach. Help your customers understand that an eco-story starts by not wasting what you already have. One of the easiest ways to reduce food waste and minimize food spoilage is to increase the efficiency of food packaging. Effective packaging contributes to improved efficiency in several areas:

    • Extending shelf life and freshness
    • Preventing product damage
    • Incorporating consumer-friendly features

    Packaging that performs its protective function prevents food waste and eliminates the need for greater net environmental impact associated with spoiled or damaged food. By helping to reduce food waste, sustainable food packaging helps ensure efficient utilization of energy used in production, transport, retailing, shopping, storing and cooking.

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