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  •   Which adhesive do you recommend for sealing foil board boxes and also on SBS board? Thanks.

    Answered August 7th, 2012 by Expert: John Channon, John Channon —Packaging Adhesives

    A number of potential hot melt technologies may work well for your application; your question is a good start in that you provided substrate information and know the adhesive technology in which you are interested.

    However, before I would fire off a recommendation, we would need some additional information such as: how fast are you planning to run your lines, what is the compression methodology and compression time, what is the amount of open time, in which orientation is the adhesive bead going to be applied (down, up, 90-degrees), are there any special end use service requirements (fragrance resistance, heat or clod temperature resistance, tamper evidence, easy open, seal/reseal…). Additionally, are there any special coatings on the substrates being bonded, are there any glue assists, are you planning a pattern or dot application?

    Once these questions are answered, then you can select an industry proven hot melt product that will fit your needs.

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